Blobtastic Preview

Also added debut video since this post and the original preview post were modified in the website overhaul.

This page is mainly for anyone interested in our past and wanted to see how the game has progressed towards its final version.

Blobtastic Preview Video:

Blobtastic Debut Video:

You are an experiment gone wrong. The scientist in their secret volcano lab never expected the blob they were researching would become self-aware. They will now go to any extreme to stop the Blob’s escape.

With unique precise controls the Blob must jump, grapple, and turn to stone to outrun the ever creeping lava and obstacles that stand in its way. There are no virtual controls pads, sticks, or buttons. Everything is controlled through swipes, taps, and holding down two fingers.

The game currently has 30 floors that the Blob must gracefully menuaver through and escape from a variety of hardships. The final release will have at least 50 different floors with plans to add more as time goes on.

I am also looking for as much feedback as I can get. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below or on any of the places this video is posted.

I can also be reached at

Thanks for reading/watching this page.

Also if you are interested I am leaving up previous posts to the last game I was working on a couple years back. Rest assured Blobtastic will not suffer the same fate. I have put a lot more effort into this game and it will be released in the near future.

God is Bored Update_03

God is Bored Update_03 video

Download Link:

I had some problems with the last download service so I am trying a new one. If there is any problems please notify me so I can find an alternative solution.

God is Bored Alpha_03 Android Version:


Hello and welcome back to my next update. Before I begin I wanted to say sorry to anyone wondering where I have been in the past month. I could have shown some things a couple of weeks ago but too much of it was half finished and really not too much in a presentable state. So instead this is one bigger than normal update. There are a slew of new features, changes and, bug fixes. I am going to try to list them all but will probably forget a few of them.

New changes:

  • Added 4 new levels
  • Added rails that the ball can move across
  • Added barriers that kill the ball and prevent players from taking more direct routes
  • Added moving platforms
  • Added a restart button
  • Added a clock to record players fastest time through level (still need to add a save function)
  • Added crystals that the player can gather to open warp/exit gates
  • Added warp/exit gates which is how a player wins a level (still need to finish texturing and program some extra features)
  • Added crystal count display which tells player how many crystals need to be collected before opening the exit gate
  • Added tornado that flicks the ball up into the air
  • Added snow floors which slows down the balls movement
  • Added ice floors which speeds up ball movement and makes ball slippery
  • Added ice cracked floors that crumbles 2 seconds have player has touched the surface (Still need to add crumbling animation)
  • Added snow particles which makes it appear snow is falling in the level
  • Added a new skybox for snow levels.
  • Added a level select screen (still need to add background for buttons and improve overall menu system)
  • Experimented with creating geometry from splines in Maya and importing them into game engine
  • Fixed a bug when paused, if the device was tilted in one direction it would build up momentum and then launch the ball in that direction when un-paused.
  • Fixed a number of smaller bugs

God is Bored Update_02

God is Bored Update 2 Video

Download Link:

God is Bored Alpha_02

Android Version:


It as been a couple of weeks since my last post and within those two weeks a puny human has created God. All joking aside the biggest thing I updated in my game is the title screen. It was so bland before that it just had to change. So this meant a new background and creating the main character, God. So now when the game loads up we see God floating out in space having fun with one of his little planets has he manipulates and rotates it. I also took this chance to experiment a lot with creating and importing characters along with their animations into Unity. this also meant that I had to learn how to properly script these elements into the game so everything works right and is interactive. I ended up creating a few simple animations that didn’t make the cut into this version but there is still some amusement within the title screen. Wherever the screen is pressed and moved it will also move God’s right hand and move the planet he is controlling. I also took some time to experiment with particles to see what I could make and how much resources it uses on a device that is limited technically.

Lastly I just wanted to mention to those that do want to download and play the game I will no longer be developing the PC version. The game is meant for iOS and Android devices so it is just easier to focus on creating the controls and programming for that platform instead of switching back and forth. If you do have an Android device the game can still be downloaded as an APK file.

God is Bored Debut

Hello and welcome to Good Goblin Games.

This website is the main hub to give all the information and updates of the games being developed. With the debut of the website I also give you the debut of its first game in development, God is Bored.

Here is a quick preview video that I hope you enjoy and if you wish to play this game the download links for the PC and Android versions will be provided below. The game is being developed for Android and IOS devices so I recommend downloading the Android version if you have an Android device and know how to install .APK files. Lastly I am welcoming all questions and comments so feel free to respond on this site or contact me directly at my email:

God is Bored Video

Download links:

PC Version:

Android Version:

Test Level only for PC and also works with Xbox 360 controller: