God is Bored Update_03

God is Bored Update_03 video

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I had some problems with the last download service so I am trying a new one. If there is any problems please notify me so I can find an alternative solution.

God is Bored Alpha_03 Android Version:



Hello and welcome back to my next update. Before I begin I wanted to say sorry to anyone wondering where I have been in the past month. I could have shown some things a couple of weeks ago but too much of it was half finished and really not too much in a presentable state. So instead this is one bigger than normal update. There are a slew of new features, changes and, bug fixes. I am going to try to list them all but will probably forget a few of them.

New changes:

  • Added 4 new levels
  • Added rails that the ball can move across
  • Added barriers that kill the ball and prevent players from taking more direct routes
  • Added moving platforms
  • Added a restart button
  • Added a clock to record players fastest time through level (still need to add a save function)
  • Added crystals that the player can gather to open warp/exit gates
  • Added warp/exit gates which is how a player wins a level (still need to finish texturing and program some extra features)
  • Added crystal count display which tells player how many crystals need to be collected before opening the exit gate
  • Added tornado that flicks the ball up into the air
  • Added snow floors which slows down the balls movement
  • Added ice floors which speeds up ball movement and makes ball slippery
  • Added ice cracked floors that crumbles 2 seconds have player has touched the surface (Still need to add crumbling animation)
  • Added snow particles which makes it appear snow is falling in the level
  • Added a new skybox for snow levels.
  • Added a level select screen (still need to add background for buttons and improve overall menu system)
  • Experimented with creating geometry from splines in Maya and importing them into game engine
  • Fixed a bug when paused, if the device was tilted in one direction it would build up momentum and then launch the ball in that direction when un-paused.
  • Fixed a number of smaller bugs