God is Bored Update_02

God is Bored Update 2 Video

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God is Bored Alpha_02

Android Version: http://www.mediafire.com/?72vpliar7hcn20q


It as been a couple of weeks since my last post and within those two weeks a puny human has created God. All joking aside the biggest thing I updated in my game is the title screen. It was so bland before that it just had to change. So this meant a new background and creating the main character, God. So now when the game loads up we see God floating out in space having fun with one of his little planets has he manipulates and rotates it. I also took this chance to experiment a lot with creating and importing characters along with their animations into Unity. this also meant that I had to learn how to properly script these elements into the game so everything works right and is interactive. I ended up creating a few simple animations that didn’t make the cut into this version but there is still some amusement within the title screen. Wherever the screen is pressed and moved it will also move God’s right hand and move the planet he is controlling. I also took some time to experiment with particles to see what I could make and how much resources it uses on a device that is limited technically.

Lastly I just wanted to mention to those that do want to download and play the game I will no longer be developing the PC version. The game is meant for iOS and Android devices so it is just easier to focus on creating the controls and programming for that platform instead of switching back and forth. If you do have an Android device the game can still be downloaded as an APK file.