With our first official game getting close to launch it was time to overhaul the website and to finally make a logo for the company. Our goblin friend is a cute little guy. The new look brings a new perspective of reaching an audience. Before it was just put up an update video every couple of months. There will still be updates on games being developed but the main goal is to inject some personality and this marks the birth of Good Gossip.

Good Gossip is the all in one blog that will focus on games being made at Good Goblin Games, anything related to game development, and game design philosophies. New posts of the blog will be somewhat random but aim to have a new one up over 2-3 weeks. Not everything here will be based in facts but personal opinion, but those opinions are based heavily from facts and experience.

Going over a website overhaul might not sound all that personal but we have to start somewhere, so lets go on an adventure through the new layout and find all the magical goodness it entails.

This section shows all the games that are commercially released or intended to be. It includes the description, where and when it is available, any accolades acquired, and a trailer if one is a made. If you are new to GGG this is a great place to start since you can see all our stuff in one nice place.

To those that are curious the older posts of our other game “God is bored” was not deleted but since there are no plans to release the game it was cut from this section. If you want to see some of the history of GGG it is possible to find it through a little searching in the early parts of the archive.

It is what you are reading right now. No point in repeating myself since I hope you read what Good Gossip is in the initial part of this post.

Get to know the developers or rather developer at this time and what we strive to accomplish.

Not too much to say here. I love to hear other peoples thoughts and opinions so don’t hesitate to leave a note. I intend to get back to everyone who wishes to contact me directly.

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