God is Bored

This was the first game being developed a couple years back. I took a break from game development to focus on other potential paths in life. I might return to this game one day if I feel up to it and people want it. For now it is just a fun relic of my past that I hope others enjoy.

The premise is god is creating planets with a simple snap of its fingers. After eons god needs a vacation. The only new planets being created are now for its amusement.

being developed for Android and IOS devices the player must play god as they tilt the device to tilt the planet. God also has to manipulate the world by changing the gravity and directly touching and moving objects within it. What is the fastest time god can complete its own challenge.

God is Bored Video

Download links:

God is Bored Alpha_02

Android Version: http://www.mediafire.com/?72vpliar7hcn20q

God is Bored Alpha_01

PC Version: http://www.mediafire.com/?0xqnqldsebtxz7b

Test Level only for PC and also works with Xbox 360 controller:


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