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Just another day at a super secret volcano lab. Then a simple science experiment gained a mind of its own — and suddenly escaping became a REALLY. BIG. DEAL

Help Blob flee the lab while avoiding the lava from an erupting volcano. Beat the scientists at their own game and skillfully maneuver around obstacles with Blob’s unique abilities:

SWIPE to jump off walls and ceilings
TAP to reach far off ledges with your stretchable arm
HOLD down two fingers to become invincible.

Only YOU can help Blob escape its captors and become a free self-aware organism!

Key Features:

  • 60 random floors with 20+ obstacles and traps
  • Story Mode for those who prefer a more linear challenge
  • 3 alternative gameplay modes: bounceTASTIC, jetTASTIC, and ENDLESS!
  • Detailed flat-shaded graphics with a retro vibe
  • Driving electronic soundtrack and fun sound effects

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